Pro Ana Thinspiration :- Everything You Need to Know {Guide}

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You need to cut the extra weight to become a healthy person. However, you have to follow the right ways.

The Pro-Ana methods are very much encouraged among the Thinspiration community. Nowadays, people call it Thinspo.

Then how did this Thinspiration culture merge on?

In our society, a slim body has a close relationship with the concept of beauty. We see many celebrities who are considered perfect.

They have slender figures, and their outfit consists of exotic attires. Everyone wishes to become like them.


And Thinspiration movement is the outcome of this desire.

Before trying out the Thinspo diets, you should know all about it. Our article will show aspects of Pro Ana Thinspiration and how to utilize this culture for the betterment of our health and body. 

Many people inspire us to achieve minimal bodyweight. Moreover, things like pictures, community goals also give us the motivation to maintain a thin body.

Thinspiration consists of all these motivating factors. In online, you will find Thinspiration communities where people share the same goal.

People also share updates, pictures, tips, and tricks plus their Thinspo activities to motivate others and themselves to reach their goal. 

About Thinspiration Diet

A Thinspo diet includes strict calorie monitoring. The amount of calorie intake is crucial in this diet. People usually fast, calculate everyday calorie intake, and maintain a balanced diet to get a thin body.

There are many Thinspiration communities out there. Most of them are online-based sites or social groups. In those places, the members share their Thinspo activities to motivate others.

They post their transformation photos, daily diet charts, calorie counting also various diet plans to help others. If you are a newbie, you may find inspiration by joining such groups.

Moreover, Thinspo enthusiasts feel much better when they post about their success. This activity not only motivates the beginners but also provide persistence to the poster. 

Pro Ana Thinspiration Diet Tips

You can follow Pro Ana diets and exercises for your Thinspo movement. However, you should never follow any tips blindly.

Many people post some tips and diets which are very harmful to our bodies. We will clear out a few healthy and unhealthy diet plans for your progress.

Healthy Pro Ana Thinspo Tips:

  1. You can follow your idol and start a weight loss program. Thinspiration encourages this behavior which gives motivation in the hard times. If you see them, they will inspire you to shed extra weight. You may download their pictures or print posters to keep yourself on the track.
  2. There must be a calorie-balance. To make every day a weight loss day, You should calculate your calorie. You cannot eat more than you burn. If you eat as much you exercise at the end of the month it will be the same.
  3. You need to drink a lot of water. It will keep your body hydrated and increase metabolism. Moreover, water fills our stomach and reduce the chance of overeating.
  4. You must take a healthy breakfast. Many think that skipping breakfast will make them slim. However, that is a myth. You should not skip your breakfast or eat less. Good breakfast in the morning will keep you full for a long time. A meal in the morning also gets digested easily than other time. You can follow some healthy Pro Ana recipes that will keep you full for longer.
  5. The consumption of vitamin B-complex and C are good for weight loss. These essential mineral boost metabolism. Beans, whole grains, lentils contain such vitamins. By consuming these you can easily intake Vitamin B-complex and C.
  6. Small servings are better than a large one. Small quality of meals is easy to digest also it enhances metabolism. Thus, it helps to lose weight. You may take 5 to 6 small meals instead of 3 major meals to ensure a nice figure.
  7. Our body burns fat when it loses more calories than usual. You have to concentrate on weight loss exercises when you are on Thinspo diet. If you cast excess calories doing the workout, the body will burn some stored body fats to keep you energetic. Therefore, you will lose some weight.
  8. You have to avoid bad foods. Many foods contain a high level of calories and fat. Mostly the delicious restaurant or junk foods are not good for our health. You should avoid the bad foods from the beginning of your Pro-Ana diet. The exercises and diet will burn your body fat yet if you take foods with high-calorie the efforts will go in vain. That’s why it is wise to control your cravings and avoid eating bad foods.
  9. You need proper rest while maintaining this diet plan. When our body gets to rest and it relaxes, the metabolism gets boosted. These two things are vital for losing weight and staying healthy. 

Some Pro Ana Tips That Must Be Avoided

The Pro Ana Thinspiration methods are not criticism free. Some websites and groups had posted many unhealthy tips which raised questions against this movement. Let’s go through them-

  1. There’s a recommendation suggested in most of the Thinspo sites for keeping a diary to monitor weight loss and calorie intake. But it is unnecessary. It may become a hassle for full-time workers or students.
  2. Though a thin body looks more charming, this will not happen overnight. Photos of the sick skeletal girls posted on social media inspire girls to be thin and make a zero figure like them. Most of the girls desire to get faster results and in turn, take less as well as burn excessive calories in a day. This cannot be a proper way. You should have the patience to get a positive outcome.
  3. Social media like Instagram, Tumbler, and some Thinspo sites may suggest extreme exercises. But it won’t be that effective instead it may cause dizziness by weakening your body. Additionally, you will lose more energy and this is why you may fail to continue your mission.
  4. Turns out it is not so effective to follow supermodels for your diet. Your body type, shape, BMI may be different from them. Therefore, following them isn’t a very good idea. You should set your personal goals based on your body type.
  5. Bulimia patients practice purging after their meals. Purging means the act of vomiting. You should not practice this terrible habit which is harmful to the body.
  6. Moderate eating is safer and healthier than not eating at all. Besides, avoiding meals can slower the outcome of your exercises.
  7.  Being in touch with cold water or weather can force your body to burn calories and raise body temperature. Surely, this aids to reduce weight faster, still harmful to health. This can lead to some deadly diseases such as pneumonia.
  8. Another unhealthy suggestion is having meals in front of the mirror so you can notice your progress every time you push foods to your stomach. This behavior is not suitable for losing weight.
  9. Thinspo sites recommend avoiding eating at dinner. Because you don’t get enough time to burn your calories. However, you should eat your dinner at least three hours before you get to sleep so that you can get enough time to burn some calories.
    Most of the Thinspo sites are filled up with crazy diet plans which you should avoid. Diet plans like Cinderella diet, Ariel’s diet, the Rainbow diet will be a better option for you.

A Journey To Fitspiration

All these controversies about the unhealthy methods of Thinspiration created awareness among the people.

Most of the followers are now looking forward to a healthier alternative-called Fitspiration.
Fitspiration has more benefits than Thinspiration.

Eating healthy and doing exercise to get fit is better than those insane Thinspo diet plans. 

Nevertheless, it also becomes more dangerous when you do an intense workout. Fitspiration is almost similar to Thinspiration.

It inspirations to get a fit body instead of a weak thin figure. People share photos and workout tips on social media which is inspiring for those interested in doing exercises.

It encourages people to become muscular and also take steroids to enhance body shape. It can be equally effective and dangerous for those who don’t know their limits.

But fitspiration has failed to encourage women as it leads to compulsive exercises and extreme workouts. Some women tried to follow fitspiration along with some Thinspiration diet plans.

Now another trend has come, called Curvespiration where being skinny has less importance rather girls keep their main focus on being healthy. Some people say it’s the same as Thinspiration under disguise.

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