Pro Ana Snacks :- Best Low Cal Snack for Anorexia

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Most of the people consider snacks as weight gaining food. However, snacks can play an extraordinary role in a diet plan.

Pro Ana diet plans suggest adding healthy snacks to the diet plus a large number of people eat low-calorie snacks to reduce appetite. 

Whether you want to lose your extra weight or get enough nutrients to stay healthy, snacks with low calories in between two meals will be an ideal option.


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Provides Essential Nutrients​

The body requires nutrients to function properly. Snacking helps the body to meet the needs. Essential nutrients like vitamin A and C come from vegetables and fruits.

Some nutrients increase the protein level in our body, as a result, the muscles become healthy.
Lack of protein can cause skin degeneration and hair falling.

Because these are mostly made of protein. Nutrient intake decreases the possibility of both skin and hair problems.

Therefore, try to take the snacks which contain nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, and minerals. For example, fruits, vegetables, seeds, low-fat dairy foods, nuts, etc.

Controls Appetites

Snacking helps to reduce appetite that is why people do not get hungry in between meals. Thus, it prevents from overeating.

If you become hungry before your lunch or dinner, try not to wait. You can have healthy snacks to reduce your appetite.

You may choose some snacks with low calories, such as shrimp, strawberries, scallops, carrots, blueberries, crab meat, pineapple, eggs, etc.

Keeps Blood Sugar Level Steady & Healthy

If you are unable to keep your sugar level steady it can lead to excessive weight gain or obesity, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

Healthy snacks can keep your blood sugar level steady. This is why these foods are very much effective for those who have diabetes, even for those who do not have this disease. 

Increases Energy

If the blood sugar level becomes too low you may feel that you have lost your energy.

Some snacks can increase your energy as they contain protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fat.

They will keep your energy level high for a long time so you won't get hungry or tired easily.

Improves Diet

Snacking also helps while dieting. Some Pro-Ana diets recommend not eating to reduce weight. But avoid eating isn’t healthy at all.

Thus, when the routine says not to eat, snacks with low calories will be a better option.

This applies when you want to reduce your weight and stay healthy. Furthermore, some snacks boost metabolism which helps to reduce weight.

Recovers after Exercise

Snacks can recover you after a heavy exercise. Snacks containing complex carbohydrate, essential nutrients or a small amount of fat, will enable you to restore your energy after a workout.

Taking snacks like yogurt or peanut butter after 15-20 minutes of your workout will be helpful to recover quickly.

Increases Concentration

Snacking between the meals aids to improve concentration and focus. You cannot concentrate on anything if you have a lack of essential nutrients.

According to the ADA, children are more focused in the classroom just because they get enough nutrients and vitamins.

As per the opinions of adults, afternoon snacks give them more energy to complete their tasks effectively.

Easy Snacking Tips for Weight Loss:

Right Pair of Nutrients:

You need to figure out the proper balance of your body needs. A right combination of nutrients brings out a more effective outcome.

Around 3 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein create a super combination that will keep you active for a long time and you won’t get hungry until your next meal.

Yet you have to be careful about two troublemakers which are sodium and sugar. Keep in mind, the amount of sodium and sugar should not exceed 170 milligrams and 5 grams respectively.

Be Careful About Calories

Either you want to lose your weight or enhance your muscle a bit, you should be aware of the calories you get from snacks.

Make sure you avoid the snacks with a large number of calories. By any chance, if you daily take snacks with high calories and fat, it will lead to obesity also become a threat to obtain muscles.

Hence get proper knowledge on low and high calorie based snacks from the internet and count calories when you eat.

You can try snacks which are recommended by nutritionists such as an apple with one spoon peanut butter, air-popped popcorn, Tortilla chips with salsa, apple with string cheese, ½ cup of frozen yogurt, a hard-boiled egg, simple fruit smoothie or strawberries with Greek yogurt.

Avoid Packaged Foods

You should bypass packaged foods and try fruits or vegetables as snacks. Packaged foods often contain artificial ingredients which may be of high calories and harmful for health. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, free of fat and full of essential nutrients.

Eat Slowly

Quick eating is not a good approach to weight loss. It can lead to overeating habits. Take your time or slow down when you eat.

Research has shown that you may eat high calories and gain extra weight if you eat quickly. Slow eating has lots of benefits such as increasing hormones, better digestion, and absorption of nutrients.

Carry Snacks When You Go Outside or Travel

When you travel, make sure you have snacks to accompany you. If you go outside for a couple of hours and get hungry, you may then consume unhealthy packaged or oily snacks.

And that will not be good for you.

Therefore, take some healthy snacks like a small bag of nuts or 100 calorie bags of popcorn while going out. It will help you to reduce your appetite if you get hungry during travel.

Eat Every Three to Four Hours

Try not to get too hungry. This lowers the blood sugar level. You should eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up and take snacks every three to four hours until dinner.


Finally, Snacking seems effective when you stay with the plan. Avoid taking a snack just before your lunch or dinner.

Bear in mind, the snacks you eat should not exceed 200 calories. Finally, try not to eat when you are not hungry. Happy Snacking!!!

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26 thoughts on “Pro Ana Snacks :- Best Low Cal Snack for Anorexia”

  1. I am trying to lose stomach fat, but I love eating snacks. I have tried fasting and only eating rice cakes and breadsticks but I always end up with chocolate in my hands. I feel like a disappointment, I model and I desperately need to be skinny. Somebody help please.😔

    • Rice and bread are almost totally carbs, they can make you feel good for a moment, rising your glucose very high, but the high it rise, the low it goes. In no time you’ll feel hungry again, and that can make you choose unhealthy foods. You can try with celery or green apples, they barely have sugar. Or a piece of cheese if you want. The idea is that the snack, is not processed food or high in carbs or sugar.

    • anytime you get chocolate you should do something to make it inedible, ie pouring a bunch of salt on it. It only takes a couple seconds to regain control. Also try to stick to fruit, raspberry, celery, or oranges are my favorites.

    • Be in a calorie deficit of at least 300. Exercise regularly with hiit cardio and strength training and moderate fats and sugars.

  2. I feel like many people misjudge this site at first. I did too actually. After reading it more, it looks to be for those who have Anorexia Nervosa and helps them overcome it. It is, however, concerning that it seems a lot of people here do not have Anorexia and want to get it. You do not want to give yourself an eating disorder. It is very dangerous and it controls your life. If you do not have Anorexia, do not engage in Anorexic behaviors instead use healthy dieting and exercise to lose extra weight. If you have Anorexia, this site seems like a good way to begin to overcome this brutal illness

  3. I want to lose about 30 pounds during this summer which would give me about two to three months. How should I reach this goal? Any tips? I always tend to over eat one day than fast the next it’s so annoyinggg

    • Hi, to reach your goal you should try and eliminate carbs when you eat and stick with foods that are more water than they are calories like celery, carrots, and other veggies. fruits are good too though veggies like leafy greens are best! Try to work up to half an hour – an hour of cardio but not all at once if you do not work out daily. Overeating one day can cause a lot of bloating which may look like fat but is actually gas buildup. It’s super easy to get rid of by eating extra fiber and drinking lots of water. try to eat small portions of veggies whenever you feel hungry and if you fast, don’t do so for longer than two to three weeks at a time. I’d stick with one week to be safe. if you keep to this routine for the three months you should see weight loss. You should start to see pounds drop within two weeks 🙂

  4. I’m having trouble with binging and it only happens when I’m bored or sad which lately has been often I’m trying this master cleanse now but I’m afraid I’ll go into the same binge cycle again please help I’m 5’6 and I want to weigh 110 lbs but I’m currently 125 lbs

  5. Hey, I want to be 99lbs by mid june, im currently 120lbs and 4’11. I have been on the ABC diet now for 4 days, do you think there is anything eles i could do to loose some of that weight without my family noticing to much.

  6. I am 5’4 and about 127 pounds I am trying to lose at least 20 pounds but I keep on binging! On good days I’m eating about 300 cals any advice?

    • a. Don’t buy unhealthy foods at the store. That way, even if you binge you won’t be consuming anything bad for you.
      b. Eat a high protein breakfast, this helps lower your appetite for the rest of the day and can reduce the urge to binge.
      c. Invest in appetite suppressants, these can help you suppress your urge to eat.
      d. If you are a volume eater (just like me), pick foods that are very low in calories. This means you can eat a lot of it and not consume many calories. For example, celery, watermelon, baby carrots, etc.

    • Try having more calories for breakfast and less for other meals because that will more likely keep you from binging. Tho if you still wanna binge try chewing and spitting your food or watching someone eat a large amount of disgusting foot on YouTube. That usually helps me!

    • journal what you eat. go run for 2 miles everyday for a week. eat 800 cals, then go to a calorie deficit of 500, and then lower if you want. there are several supplements you can take if youre older than 16.


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