Pro Ana Laxatives :- How to lose Weight {Beginner’s Guide}

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Pro-Ana means the behavior of anorexia nervosa, which is recognized as an eating disorder. It refers to a condition when a person refuses to eat or has no desire or capability of eating.

It has been also defined as an emotional disorder instead of an eating disorder. Because a person with anorexia nervosa refuse to eat as they are afraid of obesity and unwanted weight gain.


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Laxatives are one kind of medication that helps to stimulate bowel movements and treat constipation.

This medicine is also used as a popular and effortless method for reducing weight. By increasing the bowel movements, it allows you to lose weight easily and rapidly.

There are various kinds of laxatives such as Stimulant, Osmotic-type, Bulk-forming, Saline, Stool softeners, and lubricant laxatives.

Different laxatives work in different ways. But all of them provide a common remedy which is increasing bowel movements.

Pro Ana Laxatives Tips:

There’s a belief, using laxatives in a Pro-Ana diet not only helps to reduce weight but also aids to stick with the plan for a long time.

Despite having some side effects, it has been proved as an easy way to lose weight. To start the Pro-Ana diet with laxatives, at the very fast consulting with a doctor will be a safer option although the doctors hardly suggest that.

If you are determined to do this you should at least know the proper way of using laxatives. Let’s look into some tips you should follow-

Drink water before and after using laxatives:

You should drink a lot of water if you use this medication. Because Laxatives can lead to a lack of hydration which can cause dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. Thus make sure you drink more water to stay hydrated.

Avoid taking Laxatives with an empty stomach:

Either you take laxatives before having a meal or right after you finish, it would be of no use.

Due to the lack of food in the intestines, laxatives may not work properly as it is supposed to. Hence, try to take it after 30 minutes or within a couple of hours of finishing a meal.

Take before you sleep at night:

Although laxatives can be effective anytime in a day with maintaining the above-mentioned advice, using it at night before sleeping can bring out the most effective outcome. A night dose will ensure you wake up fresh in the morning.

Take lower doses if you are a beginner:

You should begin with a lower dose while you are just starting to take this med. Regular or extreme use of laxatives can cause severe stomach cramping as well as paradoxically worsening constipation.

Taking regular doses or an excessive amount at a time won’t help you to gain a faster result. Increase your doses gradually.

Don’t take laxatives while traveling:

Try to avoid taking laxatives while going on a travel. Because, some of the laxatives such as stimulant, lubricant, and osmotic work quickly.

This is why you might need access to a bathroom. Therefore, don’t take it before you travel or when you travel.

Be cautious during pregnancy:

You should be careful if you like to take laxatives during your pregnancy. There are various kinds of laxatives available in the market.

However, some doctors recommend bulk-forming and stool softeners for the pregnant woman.

You should avoid others like osmotic and stimulant laxatives if you are pregnant as these can lead to excessive gas and bloating. Thus be careful while purchasing.

Avoid if you are a patient of kidney or heart diseases:

Dehydration is a threat to those who are suffering from kidney problems. Laxatives can cause dehydration as well as a mineral imbalance which is extremely harmful to a patient with kidney or heart diseases.

Be careful if you are on other medications:

Consulting with a doctor at first would be better if you take laxatives along with other medicines. Laxatives may interfere with medication absorption.

Exercises help laxatives to work faster:

You can do some workouts after taking laxatives. Laxatives often not work properly. Therefore, you can do some exercises like jumping jacks, running or burpees to make sure it works faster.

Are Laxatives safe or not?

Laxatives are safe if you use them by following the rules. Try to maintain all the tips we have mentioned above.

You can also consult with a doctor or physician to verify if this is safe for you or not. Since there are different kinds of laxatives available, be aware of what you need and careful while purchasing. Try not to use it regularly so you can stay away from some minor side effects.

Side effects of Laxatives:

#1 Dehydration

Dehydration is a common side-effect of laxative users. It can lead to dizziness and headache. Your body will lose more fluid along with essential minerals.

Minerals like potassium play a vital role in our body, especially in the nerves. Lack of potassium level also causes an irregular heartbeat.

#2 Electrolyte Imbalance

One of the most serious side effects of taking laxatives is electrolyte imbalance. The fluids in our body contain electrolyte that helps our body to function normally.

You may loss essential electrolytes like chloride, sodium, potassium, phosphate, calcium, and magnesium, which can lead to major side effects like seizures and coma.

Other notable side effects of Laxatives-

3. Kidney or heart diseases.
4. Rhabdomyolysis.
5. Gastrointestinal damage.
6. Stomach cramping.
7. Fainting.

There’s a misconception among the patient of anorexia nervosa that laxatives can reduce weight.

Yet all you lose is water weight, rather it can cause stomach pain, dehydration, and intestinal problems. It won’t burn your fat or calories. It forces you to lose fluids.

If you are planning to take laxatives for a long time, my advice is to think about it again and identify all possible side effects.

Though it will reduce your weight, that’s only the satisfaction of mind as you will lose only the water or fluid from your body.

Therefore give yourself some time to consider, better consult with a doctor and if it seems right then you may start your medication.

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    • you are probably nervous if they will work or have bad side effects. i did the same thing the first time i smoked weed. haha

  1. I would love a pro Ana buddy 🥳
    I’m 146cm tall and 58kg I want to get under 40kg.

    Please help me achieve this. I am already trying. But I do think a buddy that can be on my side with this would help me.

    • Hi Im same as you Im 146 cm and I used to 58 kg before

      now I am 46 kg
      and want to be under 40 too

      dm me I can help you to lose weight
      Twitter : @JaneSoHungry

      Im Thai

    • Hi I’m just starting out I’m 5’5ft tall 60kgs and I have the same goal for under 40kg. I would love to be your Ana buddy, I hope to get a reply from you 💜

    • Below forty isn’t something to achieve for, used to aim for 52 then 45 and somehow ended in 35 , all that happens is putting your health at risk and end up in hospital in some way or the other it’s depressing af and have to put weight back on which is a difficult process

    • Hi I’m doing the same thing as you I’m Five foot one and about 57 and really want to get below forty too if you wanna talk then my insta is farah_3060 and tell me ur from this website and we can chat xx

  2. Hi, I’m a newbie to this . Have no idea what I’m doing , what’s the best laxatives to buy for subtle movement if you know what I mean. I have a family so need to be discreet with it . I don’t want them to know as they will talk me out of it but they dont understand. Also as I’m new to this Any other tips with skipping meals or preventing hunger would be a huge help please or if anyone is wanting to mentor me that’s hold also be great. Thank you in advance all xxx

  3. Alora, if u could help me out because im just starting out with this kinda stuff, and it is really scary, but I have the same goal as you and would love if you would be a friend..

  4. Hey I’m new to all this I’m 160 lbs really big it’s horrible so I have turned to this my goal is 90lbs and I could really do with some help as u can tell. 🙂

  5. Im a fat-ana 80 kg and 162cm tall so im actually Obese. Following an one me a day diet and using lax after binge seem to be the only thing that works. How do I make the lax part more effective?

    • Drink more water maybe. For your binges try eating with your non-dominant hand, saw that on Secret eaters and for me it kinda works.


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