Pro Ana Chat :- How To Find Pro Ana Buddies To Discuss Diet

If you are looking for the Ana's or we can say the Pro-Ana community followers, the best way is to enter their chat room.

The term Pro Ana mainly refers to the behaviors relating to the eating disorder anorexia nervous. For the people suffering from this eating disorder, gaining weight comes like a nightmare. 

Some people like to lose weight to become socially acceptable or to look a bit better.

This can be considered as the main reason behind this eating disorder, as many of these people lose appetite or develop improper eating habits. 

A Pro Ana chat group is a platform, which includes people with the eating disorder anorexia nervosa. 

This type of group helps people having this disorder so that they can accept themselves.

Additionally, it inspires them to have a proper diet. Moreover, a group like this also makes them feel like they are not alone in this situation.

This is how groups play a vital role in the lives of people. Hence, the easiest way to find Pro ANA chat buddies is to join one of these chat groups.

There are two types of anorexia; restrictive anorexia and binge anorexia. On the case of restrictive anorexia, the patient takes calories in lower quantity, which is not sufficient for the body.

They also avoid foods containing high sugar and high fats. Mainly they take a small amount of food.

On the other hand, in the case of binge anorexia, the patient usually starts purging right after having a meal, which is uncomfortable and harmful for them.

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It is essential to find out the reason when you are trying to overcome a disorder. Various reasons can cause anorexia.

It varies from person to person. Body shaming and the desire to become prettier can be the most acceptable causes of this situation. This is mainly caused by media influence.

The digital media always try to portray people beautifully and correctly by using a lot of products, lighting, editing, etc.

There are a bunch of people who get blinded by those and feel the urge to become like that. Besides, the models or actors may require to have a certain weight.

To maintain such a body, a person needs to change their diet plan. Which may also be the reason for developing this disorder. Furthermore, this disorder can be genetic or triggered by a person’s habits and preferences.

There are multiple ways to treat anorexia. One can visit a nutritionist who may suggest them a proper diet plan and enlighten about the importance of having a healthy weight balance.

Thus, they mainly help the patient to go back to their previous weight. The patient may develop different health issues due to weight loss, which includes malnutrition, irregular heartbeat, etc. In that case, the patient needs proper medical care.

This eating disorder can also be considered as a psychological disorder. In that case, therapy works as the best way to treat this disorder.

This is where the Pro Ana chat groups come in. In those chat groups, the members are usually people having anorexia.

They share how they keep up with it, how they are struggling with the disorder; they also support each other, which makes them feel like they are not suffering alone.

They fast together, appreciate each other, which also aids them to recover from this disorder.

How to Find Pro ANA Chat Buddies?

The process of finding Pro-ANA groups aren’t that hard. It’s just one google search away.

There are tons of forums, websites, blogs with information regarding Pro Ana chat groups. Sometimes people recruit members through Facebook, Tumblr, MySpace, etc.

When an eager person sees such posts, they contact the admin or the person who posted. Then, upon agreeing on some specific terms and conditions, the member can be accepted as a group member.

 All the groups follow some strict rules; violation of such rules may result in getting kicked out of the chatroom.

The most popular chat groups are available on WhatsApp, as they are easy to access.

The leaders of these groups are usually women, who provide counselling and support for the people who suffer from anorexia.

There are several types of people in these groups. They can be considered as the Pro Ana chat buddies.

Every one of them has different outlooks in cases of anorexia. Some consider this disorder as a blessing. These Pro Ana chat groups usually have people who share the idea of liking this disorder.

They fast together, share ideas on how to lose more weight, how to conceal weight loss, etc.

The other kind of group is the support groups where the people focus on getting back to the normal life they had, where they could eat whatever they want and whenever they want.

In both types of groups, they share diet plans containing the food habit that worked for them. As the members are forbidden to share personal information, it’s not always possible for them to contact in person.

Therefore, the groups are the main ways to find chat buddies.

Importance of Pro Ana Chat Groups:

In some circumstance, it is essential for the people suffering from anorexia to join these chat groups.

When the problem is more psychological than physical, these groups can play a vital role in curing this disorder.

As people may not so comfortable to talk about the hardship they have face to face; talking about those virtually can be more suitable

Another reason is that some people may not be comfortable talking amongst their family; hence, they want to communicate with others anonymously in the chat groups, it’s easier to speak and improve through that.

Also, Pro-ANA buddies help each other to take them seriously, that makes them strict about following the diet. Talking to these chat buddies also improve the strength of such patients.

They also encourage each other to keep following the diet. If one member wants to quit following a proper diet, they help them to keep going on.

Therefore, in some instances, these chat buddies help a lot to recover; which also aid them to build up confidence about their recovery.

People who follow Pro-ANA usually wear red bracelets to symbolize their identity. This aid other members to identify them in secret. The group leaders assign these bracelets.

How Pro Ana Chat Buddies Help Each Other?

In recent times, the use of Pro-ANA chat groups is prevalent among people who have eating disorders and also who haven’t.

Many researchers find Pro-ANA community as a practical, helpful method of curing anorexia, as it works as a therapy for those patients.

Sometimes it becomes more comfortable for the patient to open up to another patient. They understand each other that is why they provide the best support.

The Pro Ana chat buddies come together as one, with similar problems, mind setup; also, every one of them wants to get better. By using these chat groups, the patient may get ideas about proper diets.

By experimenting with different foods, they can find out which method suits them well.

On top of that, these groups make the members feel a sense of unity. It gives them a collective identity.

They know they are struggling plus they get the confidence that they are going to overcome it.

The members help each other with the struggles they face every day.

Besides, most of the people suffering from an eating disorder have no idea about what they need to do or where to seek help; the Pro-ANA chat groups can easily attract the attention of those people. Consequently, these groups assist people in curing this eating disorder.

Why Is It Dangerous To Neglect The Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are no joke. In the USA alone, at least 30 million people suffer from an eating disorder, and in every 62 minutes, at least one person dies from this disorder.

Everyone should be serious about preventing this from happening. Besides, every patient having an eating disorder must not be neglected.

Pro Ana chat groups play a significant role to enhance awareness.

This eating disorder can cause a lot of health issues. If someone takes in insufficient calories per day, it affects their body and brain.

All these can lead to severe health issues, as well as it can hamper someone’s thinking process and may bring changes in their behaviour.

Additionally, underweight women may miss her menstruation period, which is harmful to their health.

Thus, maintaining a proper diet, plus making sure to follow them is a must for the people suffering from eating disorders.

Even though Pro Ana chat groups have a lot of good sides, they have bad sides too.

Many Pro Ana chat groups promote an idea named as ‘Thinspiration’. In those chat groups, they mainly share photos of extra skinny people, who are mostly celebrities.

Their main goal is to get as skinny as possible.

Even after these issues, Pro Ana chat groups, along with Pro-ANA chat buddies, plays a vital role in curing anorexia. This disorder is tough to cure. Therefore, proper guidelines and diet must be followed.

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