Pro Ana Bracelet :- What it is ? Are They Necessary?

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Wondering what Pro Ana bracelet are? To know about it, first of all, you must understand what Pro Ana is.

Pro Ana means, promoting anorexia; therefore, it is a community who practice their eating disorder to become skinny or stay healthy.

The people suffering from this disorder usually take less amount of food than they require to keep fit.

Since they eat less, they have excessively low body weight.

This disorder can also be considered as a psychological sickness. According to several studies, this disorder has a 20% fatality rate.

Therefore, we must not take this lightly. Pro Ana bracelet represents the people having Anorexia.

These bracelets are red, usually assigned by the Pro ANA chat group leaders, they are also available online.

People with an eating disorder can use these bracelets to identify each other and communicate secretly. Pro Ana bracelet play a significant role in the Pro ANA culture.

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People with Anorexia were these bracelets, and it declares that they are living with that illness.

It’s also a code for saying ‘I’m Anorexic.’

Friendship bracelets look similar to this jewellery, except for the fact that these bracelets are used for expressing a disorder.

Where are these available?

Anorexia is an eating disorder, that can be cured through proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

However, some people take this disorder as ‘lifestyle choice’. They don’t want to recover from this illness.

They want to live with this illness and promote anorexia as a blessing. They encourage other people to lose more weight, to be skinnier, eat as less as possible. There are a lot of websites that promote this idea too.

Pro Ana bracelet are available on these websites. They also promote Anorexia as a way of life. These websites use this idea to make money by selling these bracelets.

Why are they useful?

The concept of an eating disorder is psychological. People develop this disorder for various reasons.

Digital media is one of these causes which portray people as perfect human beings.

It shows like a human has the perfect body, face, and everything. There are a lot of people who are deceived by these and start to believe those are real.

They grow a desire to become like them that eventually works as a medium for developing Anorexia.

This disorder can also be developed from traumatic events or some other genetic issues that make the patient lose their appetite.

Hence, we can say that the main reason for this kind of disorders is usually psychological. That’s why, to cure this disorder, the most effective way has to be a psychological approach.

The bracelet gives the patient identity. Consequently, it makes them feel like they are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with them.

All these bring mental peace which is why these bracelets are useful in curing Anorexia.

How can the bracelets help the patients?

Anorexia is not just an illness. This disorder comes with other consequences as well. Anorexia affects people, both physically and mentally.

There are many deaths which have caused by this disorder, and the major cause was not starvation, it was suicide. People with Anorexia develop a feeling of isolation.

They feel like they are suffering alone, and nobody understands them.
That’s what makes them detached from society.

This happens with the people who want to keep losing weight by starving themselves.

They don’t understand that they are slowly killing themselves by not having sufficient nutrients. In Pro ANA group chats, these bracelets work as the symbol of unity.

The bracelets help people with Anorexia to identify other Anorexic people. That’s how they appreciate each other, which also give them the feeling that they are not alone in this struggle.

This also helps them find new friends who also suffer from Anorexia. As most of the anorexic people keep themselves isolated, making friends may help prevent suicidal thoughts. This is how Pro Ana bracelet can be helpful for the victims.

Are they necessary?

Pro Ana bracelet are necessary or not? This thought depends on how the bracelets are going to be used.

There are two types of anorexic people. One, who wants to recover from this disorder and the other ones who think that this disorder is a blessing and want to keep living with it.

For the first type of people, these bracelets can work as a medium for recovering anorexia and for the second type, these bracelets can also work as an excellent way to bypass the harmful outcomes.

But they may use these bracelets to promote weight loss to other anorexic people as a good thing. In that case, the user may not help others; instead, they are developing a bad idea.

The idea of using these bracelets has been created to aid anorexic people and recover from it. These bracelets symbolize unity among the Pro-Ana community, which is very valuable.

Overall, Pro Ana bracelet are brilliant in the sense that they are like an identity of people with Anorexia.

These pieces help them to feel united and friendly towards each other. Additionally, the bracelets benefit the Anorexic patients to communicate with other anorexics in secret.

According to many specialists, one of the main ways to cure a patient with Anorexia is by giving them mental relaxation plus to make them believe that people are supporting them.

There are a lot of ways to provide them with this support; the Pro Ana bracelet are one of them.

Anorexia may turn into a life-threatening disorder, and it is a matter of great concern.

Many people with eating disorders killed themselves because of the harassment they had faced for being underweight and excessively skinny.

Therefore, it is essential to become supportive instead of offensive to the people who are suffering from Anorexia.

No one wants to become an Anorexic; it’s not their choice. Pro Ana bracelet can be the way to recognize the anorexic people.

If these bracelets are acknowledged widely and people take the idea of it seriously, it won’t be hard for them to recover from this disorder.

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  1. I would like a link to know where I can buy one. I never was able to find these. Are these even a thing? I’ve often heard of them but I feel like there are so many people who wear bracelets that no one would know its for ana.

  2. i am 14 and i weigh about 105 pounds. I want to become anorexic, but its so hard with being at home and having to eat with my family. have any tips?

    • Hi, I’m having the same problem wanna make a plan together?

      If yes add my snap: bugb7nny
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  3. Hi, I’m having the same problem wanna make a plan together?

    If yes add my snap: bugb7nny
    Or email me at:


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