8 Pro Ana Diet Plan to Lose Weight in 2020

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Whether you want to get rid of your overeating habits or looking for guidance to get in shape, the Pro-Ana diet would be a decent weight reduction option for you.

Though it’s a little bit aggressive, you might be able to achieve a faster result.

Maybe you have heard about an eating disorder called ‘Anoxeria’. And the Pro-Ana diet works to overcome this habit. Since it takes a long time to get proper results.

This diet plan requires dedication and self-confidence to cope with it. So if you are worried about your health and like to engage in a Pro-Ana diet, at first a meal plan is all you need. 

Let’s go through the different Pro Ana meal plans:

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1.The Rainbow Diet

rainbow diet

Rainbow Diet is eating a single color food each day of the week except Wednesday. You have to maintain a fast on Wednesday.

However, you should not pursue this routine with substantial physical activities otherwise it may cause wooziness and lack of hydration.

Water is the fundamental element of this plan for keeping your body hydrated. You have to limit yourself from eating foods.

The Rainbow diet suggests healthy raw foods, vegetables, and fruits.
Let’s go through the week’s meal plan.

Monday (White): Half an apple for breakfast and lunch. One cucumber for dinner.

Tuesday (Yellow): One banana for breakfast and lunch. Half a cup of corn for dinner.

Wednesday: Fast.

Thursday (Orange): Half an orange for breakfast and lunch. One carrot for dinner.

Friday (Red): Half a cup of strawberries for breakfast for lunch. Half a red pepper for dinner.

Saturday (Purple or blue): Ten blueberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sunday (Green): Half a cup of grapes for breakfast and lunch. One cup of lettuce for dinner.

2. The Five Bites Diet

Much like gastric bypass patients, this routine expects you to take five bites of any food that you are going to eat, and this will require a great deal of self-control.

To stay hydrated during the day, drink lots of water and fresh lemon juice. Here is the plan you should follow:

Breakfast: Five bites of oatmeal.

Lunch: Five bites of sandwich.

Dinner: Five bites of pasta.

3. ABC Diet:

ABC stands for Ana Boot Camp, which is one of the most famous diet plans.

This diet requires quite a long time, thus a large portion of people fails to complete it. It is a 50-day diet plan along with moderate exercises to achieve the ideal outcomes.

If you are not comfortable with fasting, eat one meal. Additionally, you have to complete thirty minutes of exercise in a day. It will help to reduce weight and get successful outcomes.

Let’s dig into the plan-




500 calories


500 calories


300 calories


400 calories


100 calories


200 calories


300 calories


400 calories


500 calories




150 calories


200 calories


400 calories


350 calories


250 calories


200 calories




200 calories


100 calories




300 calories


250 calories


200 calories




100 calories


50 calories


100 calories


200 calories


300 calories


800 calories




250 calories


350 calories


450 calories




500 calories


450 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories

4. The Lunabelle Diet

This is another version of the Ana Boot Camp diet. It is a 40-day diet plan that helps you to lose 20 pounds or more. It suggests to keep two days for fasting and consume around 100-800 calories.

Drink lots of water to keep your sodium level balanced. You are very much allowed to consume 50-100 calories during the fast if you are not feeling right. 

5. The Baby Food Diet

As long as you stick to this diet, you need to eat organic and vegetable-based baby food with fewer calories and more vitamins.
Here’s the diet you may follow:

Breakfast: Apple and banana puree.

Lunch: Vegetable and lentil bake.

Dinner: Succulent tomato and chicken ragout.

6. The Ana Atkins Diet

This plan helps burn fat rapidly as it focuses on the high protein, moderate fat, and low carb diet.
Here’s the plan you should follow-

Breakfast: Three-egg white omelet cooked with two sprays of cooking spray.

Snack: White fish fillet oven-baked in foil with 5g butter.

Lunch: Roasted Chicken drumstick and a cup of salad leaves.

Snack: 50 grams of prawns with garlic and chili and two sprays of cooking spray.

Dinner: Grilled Sirloin steak with a cup of salad leaves.

7. The Vegan Model Diet

Following the vegan lifestyle, this plan focuses on vegetables and restrict you to eat any kind of meat. Suggested meal plan-

Breakfast: One reduced-calorie bread and two cups of black coffee with zero-calorie sweeteners.

Lunch: One large apple.

Dinner: Eight baby carrots

8. The Russian’s Gymnast Diet

By following the Russian Gymnast Diet you will lose almost 10 pounds within a week.

Breakfast: A glass of apple or orange juice.

Lunch: Fruit salad and a glass of fruit juice.

Dinner: Green apple with a glass of non-carbonated water. 

Some Pro Ana Tips To Shed Extra Weight 

  1. The calories you take should not be more than the amount you burn. To track your calorie intake and uptake you can use some Android apps, smartwatch or fitness band.
  2. You should not avoid your breakfast, because a major portion of energy comes from it. A good breakfast allows you to make healthy choices for dinner and lunch as well as keep you away from oily snacks.
  3. You should drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated.
  4. Caffeine helps to reduce appetite which will help you not to get hungry often. Therefore, it’s better to engage yourself in the habit of drinking coffee.
  5. Daily exercise will burn more calories than you take. Thus, you can select a workout routine that you may follow along with a Pro-Ana meal plan.
  6. Drinking lemon water in the morning with an empty stomach will help to boost your metabolism. Moreover, it will keep the digestive system healthy.
  7. Doing exercise and maintaining a diet plan won’t help at all unless you give yourself enough rest. Lack of sleep can lead to a low metabolism rate. 

Before you go for a Pro Ana diet plan, it is necessary to consult with a doctor or take medical advice, as it suggests an extreme diet. 

Also bear in mind, though it helps to achieve a faster result, your body won’t be in shape overnight. Just be patient, stick with the plan and you will get what you have dreamed of.

24 thoughts on “8 Pro Ana Diet Plan to Lose Weight in 2020”

  1. Hello, i ran track and field for 3 years and am having trouble losing my thigh muscle and fat, along with my sort of muscular physique. If u have any tricks to losing muscle mass, that would be great.
    Also, I am 5’10.5 and 132 lbs.

  2. I really need help with loosing weight. Since I am a teenager it is harder to loose weight. I attend dancing classes 4 times a week so I dont want to loose muscle mass but I really want to loose the belly fat that I have. what do you recomend?

  3. I would recommend exercise, like crunches. The “Pro-Ana Lifestyle” (if we can even call it a lifestyle) is one of the deadliest mental disorders. Don’t try any of these diets or it’ll develop like a dissorder, trust me

  4. I have been on a plateau for like… 5 months now, not loosing shit. How do I loose more? I stay below 800 cals almost every day except wednesday 🙂

  5. I am a person that has a place in my hard for the pro ana community but I also know a lot of fun facts because I practice fitness and more healthier choices. I fully support this community and I’ll give you guys a few hacks so you stay healthy and underweight, a sentence you must have never heard before. When doing all these diets with low calorie count, they decrease your metabolism and after a while, your body will be able to live on fewer calories meaning that your body will burn less calories. This is the “ anorexic plateau “ that you hit when you stop losing weight. You will lose very very little weight by being on diets that require for you to be on 800 or 600. In the beginning, you’ll lose a lot of pounds, but you’ll always have this craving or this feeling to eat and an unquenchable hunger in the back of your head. You’ll never feel satisfied is what I’m saying. Then, you’ll just stop losing. The trick here is to find a healthy calorie deficit first. Get comfortable in this healthy calorie deficit, so something around 1600-1200 calories at first to start out your journey. A very good idea is to use a calorie deficit calculator to pin how much it healthy for you. Something that allows you to burn 0.5 to 1 pound each WEEK. Any further and you will destroy the whole process. If you are active and you have muscles, go for around 1600 but if you do not do much in a day and you do not have muscles, go for around 1400, but no less than 1200. When eating like this, you will maintain muscle whilst losing weight slowly enough that is not too drastic and unsustainable. You also do not have to eat all this food like cutting out your favorite high calorie snacks. The secret that no fit person wants to ever say is that in terms of weight and how thin you are, what you eat does not matter. The only thing that matters specifically is how many calories it all adds up to. You could eat two whole boxes of Cheez-Its and cookies for the whole day and still be losing huge amounts of weight. You could eat only McDonald’s for the rest of your life, and if you make sure you don’t exceed the amount of calories, you will still lose loads of weight. A cheeseburger at McDonald’s is 300 calories and if you the average sedentary human being and made your calorie deficit of 1200. You could eat 3 cheeseburgers. A cheese pizza at Little Caesars is 148, for the entire day in total, you could consume a total of 8 plain cheese pizzas and still be losing loads of weight. Breakfast can be 2 pizzas, lunch could be the other 3, a snack could be a cheeseburger and you’d still be losing weight! Although, beware that this is not very smart in terms of the nutrition you will be getting, you will not be getting many nutrients and could risk feeling really uncomfortable. To overcome this, have cheat days where you do eat your favorite foods and other days where you only eat whole nutritional foods like brown bread, an omelette with cheese and tomatoes peppered on, a healthy protein filled vanilla shake, these fill you up and make you feel full. Think of a favorite food or junk food you enjoy, and find a more creative healthier way to recreate it. Do you like cheeseburgers, use a healthy alternative for the bun, a protein filled beef and some delicious and nutritious slice of cheese instead of going out. If you like muffins, make your own homemade muffin made sweet by ground cinnamon and a fruit of choice. Make sure that you are stacking up on protein, you need muscles to maintain a healthy metabolism so you don’t stop losing weight and come to that plateau. You do not have to exercise, exercising is not the main thing to losing weight, rather it is the calorie deficit.
    1. Set a goal weight, mine was 99 lbs for 5’4, which is severely underweight.
    2. Make a healthy calorie deficit that can keep you satisfied, full and not craving
    2. Eat literally whatever you want as long as it stays in the calorie deficit but have at-least about 4 days in a week in which you do stack up on your nutrients like bananas, and whole wheat bread to keep your body running and healthy with energy.
    3. When you get to a point in which you reach that plateau because your body is often fighting against being underweight and will probably want to be its lowest healthy weight, thats when you begin to have days in which you consume 1000-800 calories a day. In this way, you’re body will be hit unexpectedly and it can’t fight back against getting even fewer calories. This will allow you to get below your healthy weight and forces body to go underweight. When you get to this stage, it is very important that you consume lots of nutrients every time that you eat so less junk food and more nutrition so that you give yourself energy for the day and you do not become malnourished and feel starved but rather full.
    Tips: Use MyFitnessPal to count your calories and look for healthy recipes, have pictures of skinny people, look up on Quota about how it feels to be stick thin( fitting into thin spots, people constantly telling you to gain weight, being told how someone’s hand can break your ribs with just a touch, being able to shop as a kid, getting stares)
    Thanks for reading! I’ve been doing a lot of research and I hope this helps you like it has to me.

  6. i do diets with only apple orange egg and veggies and i do not loss .. i was 84 kg now i am 53 from may 2019 untill now and continue staying to this fucking weight and i wanna be more less more i drinking lot water tea coffee black and nothing my calories 500 but somedays i do 1200 to help me not stay in low metabolism but nothing what i have do wrong plzz help me

  7. my I weigh over 200 pounds and I am only 5ft. I am addicted to eating and I can not stop it but I have to lose weight to fit into a dress!! So I have to lose the weight fast and soon!!

  8. I am an athlete and have a lot of muscle. I want to lose all the fat I have quickly, while still keeping my muscle and strength as it is. Would these diets help? and do you have any tips along the way?

  9. I am with my parent and have no choice to eat dinner with them, but that is way too much food if i want to reach my goal. I can’t afford to go to gym and the distances i travel are too far to walk and if i would like to do some home workouts, my parents are ALWAYS home so i can’t really do it with them in the house.. What can i do about dinner times and exercise

  10. 07455469994– looking for a buddy to help and talk to and just be there for me through this journey. Maybe I could offer the same back. I’m Sophie, in the UK so WhatsApp me 😊 want to make a life change seeing as I’m hitting the big 30 this year!

  11. for dinner, cut your food up into pieces and kinda mix it around your plate, it will make it seem like you ate. if your family is anything like mine, they will sit in the living room and i sit in the dining room and can get away with anything.
    and about workouts, if you are ever home alone take that chance, if not, i suggest waking up earlier than your parents or staying up late and doing exercise in your room while they are asleep.

  12. What foods work best for getting rid of belly fat? I don’t really have fat on my arms or legs it’s just my stomach that’s causing me trouble…any at-home exercises I could try?


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