8 Pro Ana Diet Plan to Lose Weight in 2019

Whether you want to get rid of your overeating habits or looking for guidance to get in shape, the Pro-Ana diet would be a decent weight reduction option for you.

Though it’s a little bit aggressive, you might be able to achieve a faster result.

Maybe you have heard about an eating disorder called ‘Anoxeria’. And the Pro-Ana diet works to overcome this habit. Since it takes a long time to get proper results.

This diet plan requires dedication and self-confidence to cope with it. So if you are worried about your health and like to engage in a Pro-Ana diet, at first a meal plan is all you need. 

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Let’s go through the different Pro Ana meal plans:

1.The Rainbow Diet

rainbow diet

Rainbow Diet is eating a single color food each day of the week except Wednesday. You have to maintain a fast on Wednesday.

However, you should not pursue this routine with substantial physical activities otherwise it may cause wooziness and lack of hydration.

Water is the fundamental element of this plan for keeping your body hydrated. You have to limit yourself from eating foods.

The Rainbow diet suggests healthy raw foods, vegetables, and fruits.
Let’s go through the week’s meal plan.

Monday (White): Half an apple for breakfast and lunch. One cucumber for dinner.

Tuesday (Yellow): One banana for breakfast and lunch. Half a cup of corn for dinner.

Wednesday: Fast.

Thursday (Orange): Half an orange for breakfast and lunch. One carrot for dinner.

Friday (Red): Half a cup of strawberries for breakfast for lunch. Half a red pepper for dinner.

Saturday (Purple or blue): Ten blueberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sunday (Green): Half a cup of grapes for breakfast and lunch. One cup of lettuce for dinner.

2. The Five Bites Diet

Much like gastric bypass patients, this routine expects you to take five bites of any food that you are going to eat, and this will require a great deal of self-control.

To stay hydrated during the day, drink lots of water and fresh lemon juice. Here is the plan you should follow:

Breakfast: Five bites of oatmeal.

Lunch: Five bites of sandwich.

Dinner: Five bites of pasta.

3. ABC Diet:

ABC stands for Ana Boot Camp, which is one of the most famous diet plans.

This diet requires quite a long time, thus a large portion of people fails to complete it. It is a 50-day diet plan along with moderate exercises to achieve the ideal outcomes.

If you are not comfortable with fasting, eat one meal. Additionally, you have to complete thirty minutes of exercise in a day. It will help to reduce weight and get successful outcomes.

Let’s dig into the plan-




500 calories


500 calories


300 calories


400 calories


100 calories


200 calories


300 calories


400 calories


500 calories




150 calories


200 calories


400 calories


350 calories


250 calories


200 calories




200 calories


100 calories




300 calories


250 calories


200 calories




100 calories


50 calories


100 calories


200 calories


300 calories


800 calories




250 calories


350 calories


450 calories




500 calories


450 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories


400 calories

4. The Lunabelle Diet

This is another version of the Ana Boot Camp diet. It is a 40-day diet plan that helps you to lose 20 pounds or more. It suggests to keep two days for fasting and consume around 100-800 calories.

Drink lots of water to keep your sodium level balanced. You are very much allowed to consume 50-100 calories during the fast if you are not feeling right. 

5. The Baby Food Diet

As long as you stick to this diet, you need to eat organic and vegetable-based baby food with fewer calories and more vitamins.
Here’s the diet you may follow:

Breakfast: Apple and banana puree.

Lunch: Vegetable and lentil bake.

Dinner: Succulent tomato and chicken ragout.

6. The Ana Atkins Diet

This plan helps burn fat rapidly as it focuses on the high protein, moderate fat, and low carb diet.
Here’s the plan you should follow-

Breakfast: Three-egg white omelet cooked with two sprays of cooking spray.

Snack: White fish fillet oven-baked in foil with 5g butter.

Lunch: Roasted Chicken drumstick and a cup of salad leaves.

Snack: 50 grams of prawns with garlic and chili and two sprays of cooking spray.

Dinner: Grilled Sirloin steak with a cup of salad leaves.

7. The Vegan Model Diet

Following the vegan lifestyle, this plan focuses on vegetables and restrict you to eat any kind of meat. Suggested meal plan-

Breakfast: One reduced-calorie bread and two cups of black coffee with zero-calorie sweeteners.

Lunch: One large apple.

Dinner: Eight baby carrots

8. The Russian’s Gymnast Diet

By following the Russian Gymnast Diet you will lose almost 10 pounds within a week.

Breakfast: A glass of apple or orange juice.

Lunch: Fruit salad and a glass of fruit juice.

Dinner: Green apple with a glass of non-carbonated water. 

Some Pro Ana Tips To Shed Extra Weight 

  1. The calories you take should not be more than the amount you burn. To track your calorie intake and uptake you can use some Android apps, smartwatch or fitness band.
  2. You should not avoid your breakfast, because a major portion of energy comes from it. A good breakfast allows you to make healthy choices for dinner and lunch as well as keep you away from oily snacks.
  3. You should drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated.
  4. Caffeine helps to reduce appetite which will help you not to get hungry often. Therefore, it’s better to engage yourself in the habit of drinking coffee.
  5. Daily exercise will burn more calories than you take. Thus, you can select a workout routine that you may follow along with a Pro-Ana meal plan.
  6. Drinking lemon water in the morning with an empty stomach will help to boost your metabolism. Moreover, it will keep the digestive system healthy.
  7. Doing exercise and maintaining a diet plan won’t help at all unless you give yourself enough rest. Lack of sleep can lead to a low metabolism rate. 

Before you go for a Pro Ana diet plan, it is necessary to consult with a doctor or take medical advice, as it suggests an extreme diet. 

Also bear in mind, though it helps to achieve a faster result, your body won’t be in shape overnight. Just be patient, stick with the plan and you will get what you have dreamed of.

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  1. Hello, i ran track and field for 3 years and am having trouble losing my thigh muscle and fat, along with my sort of muscular physique. If u have any tricks to losing muscle mass, that would be great.
    Also, I am 5’10.5 and 132 lbs.


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