Pro Ana Tips & Tricks to Loss Weight Naturally {Check #3}

pro ana tips

In modern-day and age where staying thin is not a choice but a necessity to be accepted among friends, new circles and jobs, pro ana is the most popular lifestyle solution.

The pro ana community is a cult base where people follow the tips religiously to stay slender and propagate that idea like religion. Followers of this approach are proudly known as Rexies or Anas.

Pro Ana is a way of living and a method that encourages staying slim and losing weight to stay well under the suggested body-mass index.

Anas follow some easy tricks to maintain a sylph-like body with the coveted fancy go alongside like the thigh gap, collar bones, flat waist, and well-defined shoulder blades along with lower than suggested weight for their frame and height.

Pro Ana life is not a recent fad. It has been around for generations for women to feel attractive and the best of the best for the men in their life.

One simple way to feel the cult is how the runway models are always the most slender women you have seen or how every successful man ends up with a skinny wife.

It is the naked truth- the world wants thin so we should make it our ultimate goal to stay reduced to bones and look the most desirable out there at all times. 

The Unlimited List of 20+ ​Pro ana Tips and Tricks 

1. Prepping for the Pro Ana life

Make a list of the high-calorie foods you like and do not eat anything from that list until the desired weight is achieved.

One way to stay motivated is by putting posters of your favorite celebrities over the bedroom walls that will serve as a constant reminder for you to keep shedding.

2. Set up goals

Decide on a weight you want to achieve. It should be well under your ideal BMI index. Before jumping onto the Pro Ana life, list some goals for the week and follow them religiously. The results of the determination are always sweet!


Cannot Stress this enough, use My Secret Weapon!

It has done wonders for my weight loss. Just beginning it and committing to it has served me immensely.

I have gotten rid of 30 pounds in just a matter of weeks. I got acquainted with it on a recommendation as well and here I am, solemnly preaching it at 30 pounds lighter than before.

4. Keep a tab on your consumption

Download food intake monitoring apps that keep track of your calories throughout the day. The end goal of such apps is to keep showing you if you’re gonna exceed your set limit. Ideally, you should consume fewer calories than your body needs to run for the day.

5. Start the day right

They mean good when they ask you to not skip breakfast. Starting with a heavy breakfast will keep you full almost the entire day.

It is magnificent for resisting unnecessary snacking and to keep a check on urges. Start your day right with a heavy morning meal and resist eating anything out of impulses. Stay focused on the goal!

6. Embrace the urge to purge ​

Ever heard how skinny models eat a 3-course meal at fine dining restaurants and go to fix powder in the ladies room right after?

It is well known in the glam business that they go to purge themselves by sticking a finger deep down the throat.

Trying to throw up the food you just consumed will not let it convert to body mass. Alternatively, there are plenty of laxatives in the market that force the body to not digest the food but flush it out directly before its calories are absorbed by the system.

7. Introduce yourself to intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a technique about training your body to eat only at certain time intervals. This way, the body uses the existing body fat to get energy for the rest of the day.

Choose an 8-hour window of eating. Say you pick 9am for breakfast, eat your last meal by 4 pm. Only consume water before and after.

The energy required by the body will be derived from already stored fat cells thus bringing the existing weight down.

This is the most followed fasting method for people all over the world for quick weight loss without compromising on nutrition.

8. Make water your best friend

Nothing, I mean nothing flushes out toxins more than water. Not only does it keep you hydrated and energized throughout the day, but also fills you up enough to lower the snacking urges and limit the food intake.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to reduce binge eating and notice the body change in weeks.

To top it up, have tea and coffee for their appetite suppressant benefits. They won't make you feel hungry, you won’t feel the need to eat, you know what happens next! Less calorie intake for the day! 

9. Reduce dairy

For Pro Anas, the tea and coffee should always be black, sans sugar, milk and sweeteners. If black tea doesn’t cut it for you, add a drop of lemon for some zest and drink up. 

An internal spa at its very best. For drinks, green tea is also a wonderful alternative. It comes in innumerable flavors to not feel bored and works wonders in suppressing appetite and keeping the organs clean.

10. Just look at yourself baby

Various independent researchers have found how people who look at themselves more often in the mirror tend to stay thin.

Install a full-size mirror in your home and keep looking at yourself multiple times a day. This will motivate you to burn the extra weight and keep you at your goal of getting skinny.

11. Show some more skin

Dress in smaller sizes and shorter clothing to remind yourself throughout the day about your goal of losing weight.

Pair the shorter clothing with constant gazing in the mirror and you will immediately notice your hunger go out of the window.

Drink at least 3 liters of water and eat enough to not feel starved. Do not overeat, the shorter clothes will reveal the stories of binge eating.

12. Snooze for a full 8 hours

Give your body the rest it needs. Sleep for a full eight hours to reduce stress, increase body efficiency and stay energetic throughout the day.

Full sleep also contributes to a higher metabolic rate which in turn helps in keeping the weight in check. Just rest properly and let the sleep work its magic!

13. Eat every couple of hours

Avoid excessive eating at all times. Give your body the food it needs as a fuel for the next few hours.

Eat multiple small meals spread out through the day to enhance metabolism and reduce calorie intake.

Eat an apple and then wait for 2 more hours to eat something else. This way the body will get the fuel for some time and when the pang strikes, you’ll have another small portion ready.

14. Partner up sweetheart!

Start exercising and dieting along with your best friend or some other partner with the shared goal. You both can feel competitive and stay focused together.

Watching results on another always pushes you harder to achieve them for yourself as well. Track your successes and transform together. 

15. Cut Meat and Dairy from your life

All the recipes swear by this! Cutting dairy and meat from life does not just get you skinny but full of energy and glow.

The animal fats taste real good but hurt real bad as well. Going vegan is the way. No milk, yogurt, eggs, ice cream, chocolate, butter, etc. Eat a clean diet full of vegetables and fruits.

To amp up your game, you can rely on some vitamin supplements to give your body the necessary nutrients without the unnecessary calories. 

16. Eat all by yourself so you don’t overindulge

It's common knowledge that people tend to overeat while talking and when they are busy with something like watching television or talking to someone.

Try to have your meals in solitude so you feel every bite and your stomach can tell you when you feel full. Diverted attention will result in eating excess food that will stray you away from your goal weight. 

17.  Workout like a boss

Exercise at least 4 times a week and be meticulous at it. You have to work out like a boss every day and sweat out the calories you consumed that day.

Dedicate days to different parts of the body and focus on reduction from those specific areas. Weight training is pure gold when it comes to losing weight faster but without losing muscle.

Also, indulge in at least 30 minutes of cardio every day to boost your metabolism. Make sure that you are exercising regularly and not just in bits and pieces.  

Working out four to five times is recommended every week to stay slim and energized. The metabolic rate stays enhanced this way and new weight doesn’t pile on easily, so sweating it out is your best bet!

18. Treat yourself because you deserve it!

The followers of this cult program are encouraged to follow these tips and tricks. Upon seeing results, it is recommended to reward yourself with things like new clothes, new accessories or something you can enjoy. The reward works as a bait to work harder for the next reward and shed all the extra pounds. 

19. Make a note of the rules

Make a clear note of these pro ana tips and tricks to not forget anything easily. Pro Anas are always on their system, literally round the clock.

Count your calorie intake, exercise well, purge sometimes, have posters of skinny celebrities all over your bedroom, stay under your recommended BMI, wear shorter clothes to focus on areas that need change, eat-in intervals and small meals spread out through the day. 

I am including a sample diet and exercise chart to lay out a path forward for you. You may tweak it to your liking and follow it religiously to obtain optimum results. 

20. It’s not a sweet deal!

Steer completely clear of anything that tastes sweet- candy, chocolate, ice cream, frozen yogurt, cakes, cookies, syrups, honey, artificial sweeteners, anything and everything that is remotely sweet to taste.

Albeit they all give a high for a couple of hours and everyone enjoys the satiating taste of all things wonderful but you have to stay focused that they’ll stay one minute on the lips and forever on the body.

Keep chanting that silently to yourself. This chocolate is going to satisfy me for a minute but I cannot fathom it depositing on my skin.

Chant this every time you have an opportunity to grab a bite and see yourself resist the urge and stay the size you truly want.

21. Let the life give you lemons!

Fall in true love with fat-cutting lemon and some green tea. Sip on the green herbal tea whenever you get a chance and add lemon to your regular water.

As well as herbal teas. Lemon attacks fat cells directly and is also known to be a cleansing agent.

Make sure you drink at least 3 litres of water everyday and add lemon to each glass of it. Stay fresh, stay hydrated and stay size small.

22. Brush your teeth more often

Brush several times a day. It doesn’t hurt to brush more than suggested and the clean minty feeling of the tooth paste will keep you feeling fresh and away from the desire of spoiling it with food.

It really works! I personally tried it a few times and noticed that on the days I brushed often, my calories consumption was on the counts of 500-600. That’s a gain! Or not! 

Sample Plan for Exceptional Results!

The internet is full of hundreds of diet plans and exercise routines for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

You are free to follow whatever looks best to you.I  have crafted a well-tailored plan that worked astoundingly for me and my friends.

What’s best about this plan is that it helps in getting rid of stubborn fat cells and keeps you feeling energized throughout without any pangs. 

The program I followed and swear by is called Phenq. It is a well-crafted product for controlling and shedding weight and works effectively on Pro Ana tips principles. 

Order it right from here to have the body you long desired for. 

Pro Ana Diet Secrets


The numero uno thing to remember is to stay focused and distant from white foods like sugar, salt, cream, dairy, flour, bread, rice, etc. Eliminating white food and carbonated drinks will get the job half done.


Another important thing is to divide the meal into smaller portions and sip water before and during the meal to feel fuller with water and less with food.


Start your day with some apple cider vinegar every day to elevate your metabolism and clean your internal system.


It’s not even a secret that muscles help you in burning more calories and building more lean muscle by consuming protein and working out well. With increased lean muscle in the body, you’ll be reducing fat without even doing anything extra for it.


Indulge in some high-intensity activities like skiing, swimming, washing your car, running, hiking and trekking. They all are not just a good workout but will also make for a wonderful weekend while keeping that body weight in check!


Ask your physician for B12 supplements. Vitamin B12 helps in speeding up the metabolism and combats any lethargy you might experience. Sometimes, people don’t even know why they feel tired without working too much and most of the times, deficiency of B12 is to be blamed. Consult your physician today and get onboard.


Read nutritional information for every bite you consume. Be strict to yourself for not indulging in eating anything that does not come with detailed calorie information. The goal is to stay away from saturated fats, heavy calorie foods and added sugars, for example, most coconut water brands on the market say “Pure coconut water, from shell to the box” what some of them don’t mention is that they have 15grams of added sugar to each small pack. Know what goes inside you at all times.


Before eating the food, imagine how it will settle on your waistline and how tough would it be to shed it. You just cannot afford in overindulgence.

Closing note:

The choice is all yours in the end. You can keep living the life you are currently living or go through this cult love of anorexia.

While the negative sentiment attached to anorexia focus on the health issues, we do not find any problems in wanting to stay attractive and lean.

The diets mentioned above give you the proper nutrition and tone your body with exercises.

All they keep you away from is consuming the calories that you won’t burn otherwise and which will add to your weight and size.

Stay slim, feel confident, look attractive and kill them haters with that itty bitty waistline.

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