Pro Ana Tips & Tricks to Loss Weight Naturally {Check #3}

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In modern-day and age where staying thin is not a choice but a necessity to be accepted among friends, new circles and jobs, pro ana is the most popular lifestyle solution.

The pro ana community is a cult base where people follow the tips religiously to stay slender and propagate that idea like religion. Followers of this approach are proudly known as Rexies or Anas.

Pro Ana is a way of living and a method that encourages staying slim and losing weight to stay well under the suggested body-mass index.

Anas follow some easy tricks to maintain a sylph-like body with the coveted fancy go alongside like the thigh gap, collar bones, flat waist, and well-defined shoulder blades along with lower than suggested weight for their frame and height.

Pro Ana life is not a recent fad. It has been around for generations for women to feel attractive and the best of the best for the men in their life.

One simple way to feel the cult is how the runway models are always the most slender women you have seen or how every successful man ends up with a skinny wife.

It is the naked truth- the world wants thin so we should make it our ultimate goal to stay reduced to bones and look the most desirable out there at all times. 

The Unlimited List of 20+ ​Pro ana Tips and Tricks 

1. Prepping for the Pro Ana life

Make a list of the high-calorie foods you like and do not eat anything from that list until the desired weight is achieved.

One way to stay motivated is by putting posters of your favorite celebrities over the bedroom walls that will serve as a constant reminder for you to keep shedding.

2. Set up goals

Decide on a weight you want to achieve. It should be well under your ideal BMI index. Before jumping onto the Pro Ana life, list some goals for the week and follow them religiously. The results of the determination are always sweet!

3. Use Natural Weight Loss Product's to loss weight 

Burn-XT has done wonders for my weight loss. Just beginning it and committing to it has served me immensely. 

I have gotten rid of 30 pounds in just a matter of weeks. I got acquainted with it on a recommendation as well and here I am, solemnly preaching it at 30 pounds lighter than before.

Note :- This is not a part of pro ana tips. Its a natural way to loss weight. You no need to follow any pro ana tips if you take this pill. you can eat what ever you want and this supplement will help you to burn fat,increase weight loss and make you slimmer and sexy 

4. Keep a tab on your consumption

Use Fitness tracker Watch that keep track of your calories throughout the day. The end goal of such tracker is to keep showing you if you’re gonna exceed your set limit. 

Ideally, you should consume fewer calories than your body needs to run for the day.  

5. Start the day right

They mean good when they ask you to not skip breakfast. Starting with a heavy breakfast will keep you full almost the entire day.

It is magnificent for resisting unnecessary snacking and to keep a check on urges. Start your day right with a heavy morning meal and resist eating anything out of impulses. Stay focused on the goal!

6. Introduce yourself to intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a technique about training your body to eat only at certain time intervals. This way, the body uses the existing body fat to get energy for the rest of the day.

Choose an 8-hour window of eating. Say you pick 9am for breakfast, eat your last meal by 4 pm. Only consume water before and after.

The energy required by the body will be derived from already stored fat cells thus bringing the existing weight down.

This is the most followed fasting method for people all over the world for quick weight loss without compromising on nutrition.

7. Make water your best friend

Nothing, I mean nothing flushes out toxins more than water. Not only does it keep you hydrated and energized throughout the day, but also fills you up enough to lower the snacking urges and limit the food intake.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to reduce binge eating and notice the body change in weeks.

To top it up, have tea and coffee for their appetite suppressant benefits. They won't make you feel hungry, you won’t feel the need to eat, you know what happens next! Less calorie intake for the day! 

8. Reduce dairy 

For Pro Anas, the tea and coffee should always be black, sans sugar, milk and sweeteners. If black tea doesn’t cut it for you, add a drop of lemon for some zest and drink up. 

An internal spa at its very best. For drinks, green tea is also a wonderful alternative. It comes in innumerable flavors to not feel bored and works wonders in suppressing appetite and keeping the organs clean.

9. Just look at yourself baby

Various independent researchers have found how people who look at themselves more often in the mirror tend to stay thin.

Install a full-size mirror in your home and keep looking at yourself multiple times a day. This will motivate you to burn the extra weight and keep you at your goal of getting skinny.

10. Show some more skin

Dress in smaller sizes and shorter clothing to remind yourself throughout the day about your goal of losing weight.

Pair the shorter clothing with constant gazing in the mirror and you will immediately notice your hunger go out of the window.

Drink at least 3 liters of water and eat enough to not feel starved. Do not overeat, the shorter clothes will reveal the stories of binge eating.

11. Snooze for a full 8 hours

Give your body the rest it needs. Sleep for a full eight hours to reduce stress, increase body efficiency and stay energetic throughout the day.

Full sleep also contributes to a higher metabolic rate which in turn helps in keeping the weight in check. Just rest properly and let the sleep work its magic!

12. Eat every couple of hours

Avoid excessive eating at all times. Give your body the food it needs as a fuel for the next few hours.

Eat multiple small meals spread out through the day to enhance metabolism and reduce calorie intake.

Eat an apple and then wait for 2 more hours to eat something else. This way the body will get the fuel for some time and when the pang strikes, you’ll have another small portion ready.

13. Partner up sweetheart!

Start exercising and dieting along with your best friend or some other partner with the shared goal. You both can feel competitive and stay focused together.

Watching results on another always pushes you harder to achieve them for yourself as well. Track your successes and transform together. 

14. Cut Meat and Dairy from your life

All the recipes swear by this! Cutting dairy and meat from life does not just get you skinny but full of energy and glow.

The animal fats taste real good but hurt real bad as well. Going vegan is the way. No milk, yogurt, eggs, ice cream, chocolate, butter, etc. Eat a clean diet full of vegetables and fruits.

To amp up your game, you can rely on some vitamin supplements to give your body the necessary nutrients without the unnecessary calories. 

15. Eat all by yourself so you don’t overindulge

It's common knowledge that people tend to overeat while talking and when they are busy with something like watching television or talking to someone.

Try to have your meals in solitude so you feel every bite and your stomach can tell you when you feel full. Diverted attention will result in eating excess food that will stray you away from your goal weight. 

16.  Workout like a boss

Exercise at least 4 times a week and be meticulous at it. You have to work out like a boss every day and sweat out the calories you consumed that day.

Dedicate days to different parts of the body and focus on reduction from those specific areas. Weight training is pure gold when it comes to losing weight faster but without losing muscle.

Also, indulge in at least 30 minutes of cardio every day to boost your metabolism. Make sure that you are exercising regularly and not just in bits and pieces.  

Working out four to five times is recommended every week to stay slim and energized. The metabolic rate stays enhanced this way and new weight doesn’t pile on easily, so sweating it out is your best bet!

17. Treat yourself because you deserve it!

The followers of this cult program are encouraged to follow these tips and tricks. Upon seeing results, it is recommended to reward yourself with things like new clothes, new accessories or something you can enjoy. The reward works as a bait to work harder for the next reward and shed all the extra pounds. 

18. Make a note of the rules

Make a clear note of these pro ana tips and tricks to not forget anything easily. pro anorexia are always on their system, literally round the clock.

Count your calorie intake, exercise well, purge sometimes, have posters of skinny celebrities all over your bedroom, stay under your recommended BMI, wear shorter clothes to focus on areas that need change, eat-in intervals and small meals spread out through the day. 

I am including a sample diet and exercise chart to lay out a path forward for you. You may tweak it to your liking and follow it religiously to obtain optimum results. 

19. It’s not a sweet deal!

Steer completely clear of anything that tastes sweet- candy, chocolate, ice cream, frozen yogurt, cakes, cookies, syrups, honey, artificial sweeteners, anything and everything that is remotely sweet to taste.

Albeit they all give a high for a couple of hours and everyone enjoys the satiating taste of all things wonderful but you have to stay focused that they’ll stay one minute on the lips and forever on the body.

Keep chanting that silently to yourself. This chocolate is going to satisfy me for a minute but I cannot fathom it depositing on my skin.

Chant this every time you have an opportunity to grab a bite and see yourself resist the urge and stay the size you truly want.

20. Let the life give you lemons!

Fall in true love with fat-cutting lemon and some green tea. Sip on the green herbal tea whenever you get a chance and add lemon to your regular water.

As well as herbal teas. Lemon attacks fat cells directly and is also known to be a cleansing agent.

Make sure you drink at least 3 litres of water everyday and add lemon to each glass of it. Stay fresh, stay hydrated and stay size small. You can also try this product below 

21. Brush your teeth more often

Brush several times a day. It doesn’t hurt to brush more than suggested and the clean minty feeling of the tooth paste will keep you feeling fresh and away from the desire of spoiling it with food.

It really works! I personally tried it a few times and noticed that on the days I brushed often, my calories consumption was on the counts of 500-600. That’s a gain! Or not! 

Sample Plan for Exceptional Results!

The internet is full of hundreds of diet plans and exercise routines for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

You are free to follow whatever looks best to you.I  have crafted a well-tailored plan that worked astoundingly for me and my friends.

What’s best about this plan is that it helps in getting rid of stubborn fat cells and keeps you feeling energized throughout without any pangs. 

The program I followed and swear by is called Burn-XT It is a well-crafted product for controlling and shedding weight and works effectively. 

Order it right from here to have the body you long desired for. 

Pro Ana Diet Secrets


The numero uno thing to remember is to stay focused and distant from white foods like sugar, salt, cream, dairy, flour, bread, rice, etc. Eliminating white food and carbonated drinks will get the job half done.


Another important thing is to divide the meal into smaller portions and sip water before and during the meal to feel fuller with water and less with food.


Start your day with some apple cider vinegar every day to elevate your metabolism and clean your internal system.


It’s not even a secret that muscles help you in burning more calories and building more lean muscle by consuming protein and working out well. With increased lean muscle in the body, you’ll be reducing fat without even doing anything extra for it.


Indulge in some high-intensity activities like skiing, swimming, washing your car, running, hiking and trekking. They all are not just a good workout but will also make for a wonderful weekend while keeping that body weight in check!


Ask your physician for B12 supplements. Vitamin B12 helps in speeding up the metabolism and combats any lethargy you might experience. Sometimes, people don’t even know why they feel tired without working too much and most of the times, deficiency of B12 is to be blamed. Consult your physician today and get onboard.


Read nutritional information for every bite you consume. Be strict to yourself for not indulging in eating anything that does not come with detailed calorie information. The goal is to stay away from saturated fats, heavy calorie foods and added sugars, for example, most coconut water brands on the market say “Pure coconut water, from shell to the box” what some of them don’t mention is that they have 15grams of added sugar to each small pack. Know what goes inside you at all times.


Before eating the food, imagine how it will settle on your waistline and how tough would it be to shed it. You just cannot afford in overindulgence.

Closing note:

The choice is all yours in the end. You can keep living the life you are currently living or go through this cult love of anorexia.

While the negative sentiment attached to anorexia focus on the health issues, we do not find any problems in wanting to stay attractive and lean.

The diets mentioned above give you the proper nutrition and tone your body with exercises.

All they keep you away from is consuming the calories that you won’t burn otherwise and which will add to your weight and size.

Stay slim, feel confident, look attractive and kill them haters with that itty bitty waistline.

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  1. I love this post, I found it perfectly represents what I think about dieting and losing weight. It’s also given me the motivation to get back on track, thank you

        • They both will help you. Purging was easier for me bc I like to eat. 2 things about it though. 1. It’s harder to do if you have a family or a lot of friends. 2. It ruins your teeth. I purged for a long time and I lost a ton of weight and kept it off.

          • oh no pls don’t do that it’s so so bad for your health, loose weight the healthy way by eating good and exercise you can have a treat on the weekend please

          • purging and anorexia are no good. they are eating disorders which should not be glorified. if you really want to lose weight, do it in healthy ways. this website may say it’s all good but i have lost friends and family from “the urge to purge”. your beauty is not defined by your weight and shame on this website for making you think it is. eating disorders are serious and should be taken seriously. we should not be glorifying anorexia or bulimia. it is beyond not ok. if you need help, reach out to people and therapists and health coaches, not websites that tell you you have to starve yourself to be pretty. don’t tell me i don’t know how it is, i’ve struggled with eating disorders. there is hope but not on this website.

          • I know I purge all the time my teeth are so sore and really hurt but I have to stay focused on my goal !

          • I started to throw up blood, my stomach also had very sharp pain and my mouth was sore, this happened only after 6 months. It’s waaaayyyyyy better to restrict calories evenly than to purge and binge or binge and extreme restrict. Just maintain a simple 1200 calorie diet every day, you can eat comfortably in front of family so they don’t think your starving and your getting a decent amount of whole foods

          • My friend used to purge and lost most of her teeth. When she recovered she found that her body was so used to bringing up food that she could never eat normally again. The illness destroyed her, she wrote books on it before she died.

        • Your only 13 this diet is going to kill u. Not eating is a crime you need protein to build your Muscle and reduced fat. If you do this your going to look like a skeleton and your not going to be healthy

          • This is really really sad unhealthy unhelpful and will make you more miserable lonely….. I’ve had Ed since I was 16 33 now lots of wasted time friends have families lives while I have a e. D 👍eat mindfully nourish your mind your body you are in charge so decide if that’s gonna be distructive or loving to you there’s only one you ❤️❤️and that means your unique and special ❤️

        • Both would lead to death! U can train to have anorexia, it’s not just food and skinny, there is a whole host of other mental health issues that goes with it. Restriction will cause weight loss however once u starve the body for a period and it adjusts your metabolism will slow and weight loss will become difficult. Purging causes electrolyte imbalance which puts huge strain on the heart and can result in death! Only 2 days ago a fellow sufferers heart gave out through prolonged restriction! Follow a health eating diet but DO NOT please follow this, any which encourages purging is no good, it’s dangerous! It’s crazy, I have anorexia and I hate it…… skinny doesn’t get u happy, it gets u crazy in the head, tired, bone problems, self harming, so depressed u day dream about suicide and it breaks your loved ones heart along with yours! Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental health condition…… u are all enough as u are, u are all beautiful, life is for living, not spending hours in supermarket obsessively counting calories! And if u are young and want children in the future really don’t as it can cause infertility- love yourselves as u x

          • But if I’m obese I’m dying either way I might as well be happy being skinny and dying than being fat and dying

          • i recovered from anorexia from an amazing program in Miami called Clementine. it is designed for adolescent females ages 13-17 and i would highly encourage it for y’all. i almost died from a BMI significantly lower than what is recommended in order to keep you safe and healthy. the point of this life is to progress and be better, and we can’t do that if we are half dead and cold. i remember losing the hair, shivering at night, painting my nails to hide how purple they were, and wearing baggy clothes bc no matter how skinny i was, it was never enough. guess what? you will NEVER be enough for your eating disorder so if you keep following this path, it ends in death. please, please open up to someone you trust with this information. i am more than happy to speak with anyone who is struggling and i can share some advice and insight. i want for y’all to not be feeling so depressed that you can’t look at yourself in the mirror. i don’t want you to get to the point where your bones are so fragile that you can’t have children. it got to the point where i lost my period for 19 months and my brain was eating itself. please don’t get to that point. please come talk to me. respond to this message for love and support because i just wish that i had someone like that for me in the depths of my despair. if your family is aware and things that the “proana” lifestyle is okay, they need to stop immediately. they need to realize that there is so much more to life than your body because you can’t truly enjoy what you’ve been given if you can’t appreciate it. set goals for yourself and what you want to do in the future. think of what you have in store and with every bite that you take, imagine how many fun things you can do in the future ❤️❤️ much love, prayers, and support

          • You are right…anorexia is a deadly disease. I am a 71 year old woman and I have suffered from it all my life. Managed to have 2 daughters when at a healthy weight they both suffer from anorexia and I suspect my mother did too. At the moment i am relapsed and face the prospect of yet another hospitalisation. I feel at my age it is ridiculous to have what is essentialy a teenage disorder….I first developed it at 13 in 1960 when it was not even heard of. I feel I have wasted my life. Take care

          • Well doesn’t matter being beautiful is more important cause after having kids tryed every diet, I can even if it kills me .

            People will be my friend or my mom will love me more ,I can be the perfect daughter not fat daughter LOSER daughter

            Maybe my husband will think am smart for once take me seriously for once in his life ,I can be the woman of his dreams

          • Unknownlady90

            I am so sorry you feel this way 🙁 I don’t know you, but I do know that you are worth so much more than this. Being thinner won’t make people love you more or think you are more intelligent. The only thing that will accomplish the two is loving yourself more, and I can tell you from experience that obtaining a lower BMI won’t do that. Truly knowing your self-worth and learning to love the REAL you, flaws and all, is the only way.
            Much love 💕

          • All you white people are just iver dramatic….. The society makes it clear that being lean is the needed size, allow people to be lean and live themselves… If you have anorexia nothing stops you from having friends, you guys are just over dramatic

          • Hello Ms. Stace im a college student doing an important essay about this topic. I normally wouldn’t ask a stranger involving there personal health problems but my instructor wants us to do a and interview or survey. Since my topic is on eating disorder do you mind if we talk. I understand this could be difficult you don’t have to do this but in case your interested you can text me at 843-305 1677 thank you for you cooperation and your name will not be used and if you decide to do this i can make us a consent form and email it to you thanks again.

        • Purging is always another option. It helps tho try not to over eat anyway since purging doesn’t get rid of all calories consumed only the majority.

          • Hey! My name is Hannah, I’m 13. My snap is iz.hannah5 add me and we can be Ana buddies. I may end up adding you and just texting you and stuff, Lol. Let’s get skinny together!!

          • Bro/broette,
            Anorexia can kill you. It is the deadliest disorder known to man. Do you think Michael Phelps is healthy? Here is what he ate for breakfast:Three fried egg sandwiches topped off with plenty of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and of course, heaps of mayonnaise. Then there’s two cups of coffee, a bowl of grits, several slices of French toast and three chocolate chip pancakes to round it out.

            You need fuel to live. Without it

          • If you starve yourself, you will die. It’s not hate, it’s just the truth. I was doing this because I figured if I ate only a little bit, I’d be fine and it’d work. But I had a seizure because I am malnourished. If I don’t eat, it will get worse. You need to eat. You are going to die.

        • Starving help kind just don’t eat that much you be thin in no time skip dinner wake up thinner

          This is bullshit love your self Anna and Mia are horrible trust it not worth it

      • Hey if you need an Ana budy add me on snapchat @ ruby_bell25.
        I have a group chat with so many pro ana girls and its really helpful. 💕

      • Hello, I’m a 13 y/o girl looking for an anna buddy because I’m overweight and I want to be skinny and attractive, I also want to feel better about myself, if so hmu (hit me up)
        Snap: __slxxpy_vibxs__

      • Assuming you’re a mod:

        They mention the appropriate amount of calorie intake for the proana lifestyle, but they also mentioned how sugars are bad, so what’s the appropriate amount of sugars I should be eating?

      • Can I just ask what is Leanbean and what tablets do you buy from amazon it’s mind blowing knowing which is the best , although having said that I looked up Leanbean and Xs medical came up it’s a shake you have to use milk so how can you stay away from dairy , I’m finding it a bit contradictory

      • You need help.. You’re literally fucking encouraging an eating disorder. people are beautiful the way they are, and if you dont think so you need help. Sick fuck.

        • yes guys wtf dont encourage this! It has serious health consequences. Not to mention looking at nothing but bones is far from attractive.

          • I think we all know this isn’t healthy, the people on here like me aren’t gonna change our mindset lmao we see this as motivation and thats why we’re here

      • please eat. please seek help. you need to recover to be healthy. this lifestyle is not healthy or attractive. we need you in the world. please, i’m begging you. eat.

        • sorry for saying ew but isn’t this “pro ana”? we should encourage if they want to be. its their choice

          • sometimes people on this site just need to know that’s there’s a helping hand or are looking for a sign to stop or get help. it’s up to you if you want to continue to break and ruin the beautiful body your mother and the earth gave you.

          • Why would we encourage young people to abuse their bodies and struggle with a mental health disorder? That’s just as ridiculous as encouraging alcoholics to drink more, drug users to overdose and people with suicidal thoughts to not seek help. Their choice after all!!

        • It’s harder then it looks… I tried to get help, but nothing worked. People would either try to force feed me which was horrifying. Or people would just say “love your self” and then pretend I was fine. At one point I have to give in… I’m sorry…

          • I’m not even underweight! I was for a while but then I got help and started seeing a nutritional therapist and doing therapy. I am a normal weight now. I eat more foods but I’m so unhappy with my body and I’m depressed and I feel disgusting and people keep ‘reassuring’ me that I’m skinny and that I am a normal weight and give out to me when I complain about being so fat- but when I say fat I mean not underweight. I’m so stressed. I’ve started running and tracking my calories again. I’m using my Fitbit, logging my foods with my steps and making sure to always under eat. I’m 6kgs from even being below a normal BMI 😭 I feel hopeless because I feel like I have conflict when I try to lose weight because ‘it’s not healthy’. But then I’ve just found this page and people who understand and who know the pain of being normal weight. It does NOT suit me. I look and feel horrible. I try to be happy and accept it but I can’t. I need to lose weight and fast because my graduation is coming up and I want to be skinny for it. I already live with a guy who eats very healthy and exercises crazy so he motivates me. Maybe I need to eat more veg and fruit, drink more water and cut out sugar, but I hate water, I hate lemon, coffee without milk is urgh, veg and fruit give me gas, and make me have stomach pain from the acid. I accidentally lost the weight the first time because I ate only eggs, bread, biscuits, and ready break- a bland diet to stop the stomach pain. I lost ten kilos, felt good so kept going and developed a fear of other foods. I dropped to underweight and the rush was unbelievable but I was also exhausted and my mood was up and down. I felt stressed all the time. But also enjoyed the thigh gap, collar bones, etc, but now I just feel sad and fat. Anyway I’m glad I’ve found this page and I hope I can commit more to making healthy changes in my diet and finally kick my sugar and dairy habit. Maybe I could try vegan for feb?

        • omg Sophie im goign threw the same thing Im trying to recover but I don’t to anymore I’m depressed and I’m cutting and always wanting to kill myself because I hate how I look I hate how and I am and I don’t know what to do and I’m in a dark scary place and cry all the time and trying to get back in my old habits but my parents watch me so closely its so hard but thats what purging is for 🙂

          • Please stick with recovery Megan, it will get better. Watch Elzani’s channel on youtube, she is living proof and you can get your life back too xx

          • Don’t starve yourself! You have a perfectly healthy diet-it’s UN diet. I lost 22 kilos on it and ate all prescribed food.Please find more info about it on google. Love&Hapiness

      • Look up body positive influencers on google and follow their accounts. They will be able to help you feel confident about how you look.

    • isnt pro ana ba tho? Can’t it cause sickness or even death?? look at the facts before going into something like this, i can even say this from experience.

    • This is not healthy at all. We are all young and supposed to have fun and enjoy what we eat, not restrict our diet. Eat healthily and exercise and you will be healthy. And this whole regime is certainly not healthy!
      We all must eat why not enjoy it!

    • Please never ever do this. You are not pro Ana. You are pro fat shaming. You are pro mental illness you are pro death. Just because you are big doesn’t make you unhealthy. Everyone’s body is a different size

    • Add me for more tips, your questions to be asked, an ana buddy, to be added to a group chat with lots of pro ana people in it and if you need some motivation and support.
      Snap: ruby_bell25

    • I have an account for all pro ana people, you can be added to a group chat or have an Anna buddy or both. Everyone in the group chat is super friendly and it’s so nice having people with the same goal that you can relate to. I personally have helped over 50 girls achieve their goals purely through online motivation and tips and tricks. If you add me, I garentee that you will lose weight.
      My snap is pro.ana2020

      • Your doctor will help you lose weight in a way that is healthy. Always go to a doctor first especially at 12 as you are still growing.

      • urges to eat are your body’s way of letting you know that it needs fuel. If you are struggling with food please seek help.

      • Please speak to a doctor, a teacher or your parents first. It’s never adviseable to take diet advice from people who are kids/teenagers, not qualified and have mental health disorders.

    • Anorexia is NOT a healthy way to lose weight. Let me ask you this, do you think Michael Pelps is healthy? Here is what he ate for breakfast: Three fried egg sandwiches topped off with plenty of cheese, lettuce, tomato, and of course, heaps of mayonnaise. Then there’s two cups of coffee, a bowl of grits, several slices of French toast and three chocolate chip pancakes to round it out.

      Most people can’t eat that much but it goes to show how you NEED fuel in order to, I dunno, LIVE! You wouldn’t put a cup of fuel into a car and expect it to run. Why would you do the same with a person?

    • Hey, I have a few pro ana group chats and it’s so helpful and all the people in it are so supportive, if you want to be added to it just add my snap and let me know your from the pro ana website 😊
      Snap: ruby_bell25

    • This is for anyone who reads this, if your serious about being proana and being in a groupchat add my snap purpletulipx

    • ! Do you not realize anorexia is a life destroying ILLNESS!!!! It’s not a “ cult” or lifestyle choose!!!!! Eating disorders have a higher mortality rate than any other mental illness.Get educated before you write this crap. Anorexia is killing me do you want that for others?!

    • Anyone want to be my ana buddy? I’m knew to ana and I want someone to help inspire me. I’m 240 pounds and I want to be 115. I cant purge but I do want to do everything else.

      • Please speak to a doctor, a teacher or your parents first. It’s never adviseable to take diet advice from people who are kids/teenagers, not qualified and have mental health disorders. People die from this.

  2. working on the same niche. but I must say u have really put efforts on this blog. Loved the infographics, layout and content. keep it up.

  3. does it count if i don’t swallow it? for example if i “eat” 200 g lasagna and 2 muffins, but i spit it out and don’t swallow?

    btw i love your tips<3

    • Im really late here but I’ll respond anyway, youll gain some sliver of calories from food left in your mouth and some slips down and such, but not many. BUT if you do this you should at least swallow a bite or two! When your body thinks youre eating (because youre chewing food you normally should swallow) it produces acid in your stomach and if theres no food it can cause damage to your stomach and esophagus.

      • I could use a buddy. Was in a car accident and got some minor fractures in my neck. Now I can’t run on my treadmill like I used too. I’m depressed and eating too much. I’m probably older than most on this site….will be 60 in January. I’ve been pretty active most of my life…..mountain climbing, walking, running, skiing and trail hiking.

        • Leisa i’m so sorry about what’s happened to you and would love to be your buddy,
          you can email me on if you want

        • Leisa I’m 55 and have been Anna since I was 17. Glad to see someone close to my age on here! I feel out of control now cause I am eating too much. I love being so thin that people make comments about it and I want that back.

        • I’m disgusted by your comment, at your age you should know better to not promote a toxic mental health disorder on this site which is full of vulnerable young teenagers. Parents lose their children to this awful disorder and see them dying before their eyes, whilst powerless to stop it. Can you even imagine how that feels? If you have an eating disorder and “live” your life controlled by food and exercise, either get yourself some help or got off this page. It’s not fair to pull others down with you, especially when they are just starting out in life.

    • I miss the Ana days… was caught with a heartbeat of 19 beats per minute and I still weigh 120 lbs. My message hear is if you participate in this “diet” be prepared to lose your life along with everything else.

      • ha that’s funny it seems you are promoting anorexia… BUT you made an excellent point that you’ll “lose your life along with everything else.” Is being thin worth that? Losing friends? Enjoying life, having kids, and everything else? Think about it, you may be a teenager now, but you may live to be, say 80. That’s a long time. All to be thin? To be a skeleton? Let me tell you, being slender is attractive. Seeing bones is not attractive AT ALL.

        • At the end of the day what you guys have to understand is that it’s one’s choice and no one can change it. And in some cases it’s not something we choose to do, it’s like being schizophrenic, hearing that voice inside your head saying you’re not enough and then people from your life adding to it. We KNOW it’s not healthy and it’s not correct but we can’t stop it. And you guys saying that we do have a choice and repeating that we won’t have a normal life at this point makes things WORSE. I’m sorry if this was impulsive but you guys should understand some things are not what we choose to do.

          • you’re right that no-one has a mental health disorder by choice but with anorexia you can choose recovery. Keep on fighting, you and everyone on here deserves to be free of it.

  4. I keep failing and craving foods that are very unhealthy please someone help me stop I’m trying so hard to get anorexia

    • Thank you so much!!!
      Unfortunately i am so upset about my body…..
      Right now i am 50.3kg (111 pounds) and 5.1 tall…. and i absolutely hate it. And the problem is that my family keeps forcing me to eat….
      I would love to have a buddy so that we could motivate each other 😀

      • Your family is forcing you to eat because they care about you and they don’t want to to get sick at all. There is nothing wrong with your height and weight, You don’t need a ‘buddy’ cause that’ll only make things worse. Please don’t do this to your body.

        • PREACH! I remember when I looked very sickly and like a corpse. I remember it getting so noticeable that it was affecting my health. I remember my father, someone who is able to hold in his sadness pretty well, began crying right in front of me, along with my grandfather, when they saw that I wouldn’t eat. Seeing my own dad crying, that hurt like you wouldn’t believe. I am crying just thinking about it right now. Please everyone, don’t do this to your loved ones. I beg you. You deserve nourishment and self love, REAL self love. All bodies are beautiful and worthy of love. And, whenever you are tempted to harm yourself by starving, remember those poor family members who probably cry themselves to sleep with worry for your lives. I know I will never forget seeing my dad cry in front of me about it.

    • please don’t try hard toget anorexia, i have had it for a while now and it has ruined my . family, relationships . andmy life, i have had to go to hospital and get tubes downmy throat, it is not a easy life and you end up regretting it i promise, you are more likely to lose weight by eating around 1500 a day because with anorexia when you . starve yourself your body stores everything you eat as fat, don’t restrict, eat what you want as long as it isaround 1500 a day . and i assure you you will see results because you wiont end up binging on food and feel guilty because you know you have incorporated it into your 1500 meal plan

    • I would love to be your buddy I’m litterly 5’7 And 181 pounds and I’m really want a slim body. Add me on instgram Victoria._pleas 😀

    • I’m sorry sister but you’re trying so hard to get anorexia? Anorexia is a mental health disorder! One does not simply try to get one. Why the hell would you want a mental illness? You can die from this. This is literally killing you slowly. Speak to a fucking therapist.To want a disorder is just sick.

    • Anorexia is a mental health disorder, its not something that you can try and get. My friend has anorexia for years- her hair fell out, she lost most of her teeth from purging, she had heart problems, osteporosis, depression, lanugo hair over her body and hugely stressful relationships with her family. Please try hard to talk to someone about how you feel because trying to get a mental health disorder that can kill is not something anyone deserves.

  5. I need help.
    Love the article. I have a very sweet tooth so it’s hard. I’ve been eating around 4-600 calories daily and working out and I’m not losing any weight. I’m at my wits end.
    Whatsgroup would be amazing

  6. Thank you so much for this article. I’m going to start doing these steps right away. I lost 7lbs while I was in the hospital for 2 weeks but I’m still extremely fat and ugly. My freshman year of high school, I was 5’4” and under 100lbs. I used to be underweight but now I’m overweight. I’m not even going to mention my current weight because it’s embarrassing but I hope these tips will help me lose weight. I want to be under 100lbs again. I would kill for a body like that. Thank you again.

    • I would kill to have been that weight in high school. I am also 5’4″ but and I was always around 120. Now I am at 140 and feel like a cow 🙁

    • Drink lots of water with the food you plan on purging and chew it very well it’ll come up easier. It’ll take a couple tries but after like 5 times of dry heaving everything should start coming up. ****this is extremely bad for your throat and can cause bad bleeding so only use if you have to eat and don’t want someone to notice that you haven’t been. Brush your teeth and drink lots of water afterwards. Always try an alternative to purging though. Stay safe and stay thin!

  7. Hey everyone, i am constantly up and down with my weight which i just feel pathetic for and i need a buddy to remind me when it mattress ! a am a purger and with moving into a smaller house there seems to be no escape from people watching … could anyone help ? x

  8. I am soooo happy I found this article. There are so many people that are negative against being Ana, but what about being overweight? That’s not healthy at all and you feel awful being overweight.

  9. Hi, maybe instead of making a whatsapp group we can create a messenger group? i see many many people who need a motivation like this (me too)

  10. Hi guys if you want to help me create a pro Ana group chat then hit me up on WhatsApp +2348109117293 and just tell me you want to join the group. Let’s do this guyss

    • I’m going to invite you to WhatsApp(?) because I need help losing weight. I just installed it and I don’t rly know how it works tbh but I’ll try. Also it’s the first time I’ve commented on this site so

  11. Nice blog!
    I’ve been pro ana for quit a while but then they tried to ‘fix me’ with therapie. I’ve not lived pro-ana anymore but I also never loved my body anymore.
    With these tips I’ll get back on track and be the skinny happy me again! Keen for the motivation app/messenger group 🙂

  12. so far i’ve lost 59 pounds. i would really like some people who agree with this article to talk to, i’m tired of my friends saying it’s unhealthy. i need support and tips that work. if i could be added to a pro ana group, that would be great. my snapchat is indirarising soooo add me plz !!

    • Yes it is because it’s only been two days, I’ve been doing That for nearly four months straight from may to august and people are always saying that you will gain the weight back, that’s just straight up lies cause I haven’t even gained one pound back since then. I started at 150 and am now at 120 and 5’5. Once you keep doing for at least a week you will start to loose weight and if not it’s because some people’s bodies might take a tiny bit longer to adjust to the change.

      Also on a slightly unrelated note is there a prime age to be doing these cause I’m right now fifteen and started when I was fourteen and even though I’m cool with it I just would like to know if a certain age is better so I could loose as much weight as possible. Hope this reply helps Katie!

  13. GUYS I NEED SOME WEIGHT LOST BUDDYS!!!!! ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT PLZZ julie05129WE CAN HELP MOTIVATE EACH OTHER!! maybe we can make a group chat anyways thx lovsss

  14. When you feel like giving up on your diet think of this quote..

    In two weeks you’ll feel it.
    In four weeks you’ll see it.
    In eight weeks you’ll hear it.


  15. I got diagnosed with anorexia and I was so happy until I was force fed. I’ve put so much weight on and I’m now a size 6_8 uk again and I could really use someone to help loose weight with as my parents are finally off my back about eating 💜💜

  16. I only ate around 350 calories, and I did a vigorous workout today. It it bad that the calories are from really unhealthy foods?

  17. hi im shea. im really young but i need some help. ive had anorexia since i was 10 years old but now my parents are making me eat. im 5”3” and 115 pounds but i was 80 pounds. i’ve been taken out of school to get treatment but now i’m back at school. my number is +19092882611 please text me. i need some tips and motivation. add me in group chats! my instagram is @sh3a_butter so you can message me there too. i hope i can get some motivation.

  18. Hello all of you wonderful people!!
    So I’ve been trying out these tips, but other people have noticed my sudden change in diet… I wanted my weight loss to be a surprise, but I’m not sure how to convince them. I’m only eating what I used to eat on special occasions, but I’m afraid they’ll notice still. I can’t purge, my housemate would notice immediately…
    Any suggestions on what I could do?

      • I’ve really needed to ask someone this (I obviously can’t ask my friends/family). I’m 5’6, 15 years old, and around 106 pounds. It’s killing me and I need to know if I’m underweight enough? (I’m trying to get under 100 pounds)

  19. I reallyyyy need a buddy. I need help and motivation. I’ve always hated the way I look and I’m just now deciding to do something about it. My sc is ylp-powers

  20. I love this thank you so much. This has given me the motivation and determination to stop eating to fvkcing much and work the fat off!. Thanks <3

  21. Hi I really want to join a group on WhatsApp or snapchat so I can haw some friends to fast and help each others
    Number is +4571720306

    • Exercise definitely helps but if you are restricting your calories enough like 20 – 30% of your BMR than you should be good. But you will not lose weight as fast as if you were exercising.

  22. My goalie to weight 79lbs (I make it extreme to motivate myself) if I reach that it would make my bai 14.0 and put me in the 0 percentile.

    • It seems youre the same height as me 5’3″ and I am aiming for 85 pounds to be at BMI 15.1. BMI of between 15.0 – 16.5 are ideal as you should never go under 14.0 as this can cause serious health risks for your heart, cardiovascular system and bones. I would advise you to aim for a goal weight between 85 – 93 pounds.

      • if I’m 5 ft 3, what is the ideal (anorexia-under) weight? I’m currently 112 pounds but feel and look horrible… can anyone help? What weight should my goal be? I was thinking around 80-90? What is too much

    • Since youre BMI is 19.0 you are above the “ideal anorexic weight” of having BMI between 15.0 – 16.5. Being 5’8″ you should aim for a goal weight of 99 – 108 pounds which would require you to lose only 17 – 26 pounds. You can do this!

  23. Okay I’m old I’ve suffered with anorexia in my early twenties but I lost control and I am now obese. Please help me to get back on track.

      • Your BMI right now is 19.8 which is considered normal. Your goal of losing 20 pounds would put you at a BMI of 16.1 which is around ideal. I am 5’3″ and 98 pounds and plan on 85 pounds which would be a BMI of 15.1. I would say anywhere from 15.0 – 16.5 is ideal. So for u anywhere from 80 – 87 pounds would be ideal.

  24. God I want to get back on track so badly. I’ve gained 22lbs over the last year and went from 88lbs straight up to 110lbs. Now my goal of 81lbs is further away than ever. I desperately need some help to start losing all this weight again.

    • Exercise a ton. And no matter what never go below a 14.0 BMI as thats very unhealthy. Also brands like Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones and Healthy Choice have microwavable meals low in calories and fats. And watch out for sodium and sugars because those will sneak up on you. Good luck.

  25. desperately looking for a pro ana buddy to help me lose weight and keep me accountable. i’m 26, 5’4, 144lbs and i hate myself and how far i am so much. someone please email or add me on snapchat

  26. Guys I need an Ana buddy! I’ve been to treatment twice and had four feeding tubes, so I’m fatter than ever :(. I’m 5’5” and 134 pounds and would like to get down at least 120, but 110 is my ultimate goal. If you can help me dm me on instagram @katefox167.

  27. New to proa a..48 5’5 was down to 114 lots of issues with people commenting was told by therapist will do inpatient so now I’m 125 and disgusted frustrated and depressed that I’m wanting to eat. I desperately need motivation the depression has caused lost interest I working out well I everything!!! I need to be 115 or less to be ok…please email me it up torthe challenge of getting me back on track .i n Ed this to happen now

  28. I’m 13 and I weigh 115, and I was diagnosed with anorexia at 12. I’m here for anyone who needs my help, my email is